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Building on the success of our award-winning products, Gold Leaf Design Group presents EarthArt™; our new collection of natural goods produced by artisans in economically challenged areas. Featuring sustainable natural materials found in Colombian villages and the Amazonian jungles of Peru, this dynamic, modern line is skillfully handcrafted to our specifications.

Our EarthArt collection includes:



Once viewed a nuisance for their fast growth, these Peruvian trees are now a valued resource with a wide variety of uses. As it is an easily dried, lathe-turned, dyed and carved wood, we often use topa in our more ornate, sculptural pieces.


Harvested sustainably from native trees of Colombian forests, the totuma fruit is a profitable commodity in the region. Its cultivation for the creation of eye catching dishes and bowls provides a viable alternative to coca production for women who seek a means to support their families.


Also referred to as “Peruvian Cherry”, the quinilla tree has traditionally provided indigenous people with teas and medicines. With its durable, fine grained, deep reddish brown wood, perfect for sculptural accents and high quality furniture, the tree has great economic potential for the communities in which it grows.
Handcrafted Rugs


Production of our beautiful handcrafted rugs is sourced from about 70 artisans, most of them single mothers, in the rural communities of Tuchin, Boyoca and Curiti, Colombia. The rugs’ bold designs are derived from and named for patterns in the Muiscan culture and reference traditions native to the region.


This Peruvian hardwood, also known as “Tonka”, has a wave-like grain and is prized for its heft and strength. Good for carving, and once illegally logged without regard for those who depend on the forest for their survival, this species is now sustainably harvested by local communities for income and preservation.
Accent Pieces


Weavers in rural Columbia, often in conflict zones, work with the finest fique (a natural fiber derived from the native fique plant), cotton, wool and leather to produce our distinctive, custom made rugs, pillows footstools and handbags.


The gathered seeds of the Columbian tagua palm tree have become a valued ivory substitute for artisans and jewelry designers worldwide. Polished to a silky finish and dyed deep, vibrant colors, the sale of this versatile “vegetable ivory” stimulates local economies and microenterprise.
Aid to Artisans

EarthArt is a mix of modern innovation, centuries-old artisan techniques and ecologically beneficial sourcing. Our culturally respectful and environmentally sensitive trade support provides sustained economic and social benefits to local craftspeople and their communities.

The following organizations make it possible for us to bring EarthArt’s handcrafted treasures to you:

  • United States Agency for International Development (USAid)
  • World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
  • Aid to Artisans (ATA)
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

Their efforts to provide alternatives to rainforest destruction benefit us all. Through our support of these organizations, and direct trade with indigenous craftspeople, we hope to contribute to their noble work.