Creativity Comes Naturally

For over 24 years, Gold Leaf Design Group has had the ability to observe, understand and translate nature's forms and endless variations. Having a keen eye and no barriers to stop the imagination, we have remained focused and passionate - about our art and our relationships with customers.

Creative, on-trend and inventive, Gold Leaf has built a GLOBAL reputation for creating the trend, not just being ahead of it. From metals and wood to cloth and stone...from table accessories and wall decor to furniture...our collections run the gamut, incorporating numerous materials and functions. Every day, everywhere, we are looking for new ways of being better and more responsible stewards of our environment. Using sustainable and earth-friendly techniques with every creative piece is a challenge that Gold Leaf embraces.

Gold Leaf created a specialty niche that boasts a strong custom design service for the hospitality and interior design community. Working closely with clients, our Chicago facility creates site-specific pieces that are well crafted for commercial settings.

Award-winning and unique, browse our site and see who the industry follows.

We are a Certified Diverse Supplier.

We Offer

Comprehensive services to address your needs with design talent, quality products and industry expertise at competitive rates:

- Interior and exterior original products designed by our creative team for Hotel, Resort, Assisted Living, Spa, Restaurant and Retailers

- Hundreds of creative in-stock designs

- Low quantity minimums

- In-house production- fiberglass, wood, painting, permanent botanicals, mold making, sculpture, wall art

- Custom design services

- Exclusive product development

- On-site installations

- Custom art and sculpture

- Seasonal merchandise

- Visual merchandising

- Trend monitoring

- Worldwide drop shipping

- Supervised foreign production

- Strong factory relationships